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Oct 11, 2018

Greetings, friends! This week’s episode is a special sneak peek of what we’re working on for our new Healers community, coming later this year. One of the very juicy perks of joining us will be exclusive astrowellness insights from our resident astrologer Stephanie Gailing. You might remember her from the very first episode of this show when she predicted the rollercoaster ride we’d be in for in 2017. So glad that’s over! Today I’m handing over the mic to Stephanie to help us navigate Venus retrograde season, a six-week journey which is in effect through November 16. Venus only goes retro every 18 months so she’s won’t be leaving any of us alone! What I love about Stephanie is that she has a gift for helping us work with the energies of the Universe and find opportunities in the shifting tides instead of dreading them.

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